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Our Vision

To vertically integrate our own very high purity Australian magnetite iron ore, into hydrogen reduction steel making to create a new low carbon, finished green steel product, that will be used in automotive and renewable energy sectors

Why Green Steel?

Green Energy Turbines


Steel is one of the most critical engineering and construction materials. Globally 1.8bn tonnes of steel are produced per year. Demand for steel and Green Steel in particular is predicted to grow by > 30% by 2050 (IEA 2020) as global economies transition to low emissions.

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End Uses

Companies in the automotive and the building & infrastructure sectors are moving rapidly to secure supply of Green Steel as they look to respond to customer demand and abate emissions in their product offerings.

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New Technologies

A  global shift from the dominant blast furnace/basic oxygen furnace method of steelmaking towards electric arc furnace and new hydrogen powered direct reduced iron methods for iron production and steel respectively is here now.


Creek St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia

Net Zero 2050 Carbon Neutral and Net Zero Concept natural environment A climate-neutral lo
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